About Pacific Chile

Founded in early 2006 by Cristian Davila C. with extensive studies in the shipping industry, plus 35 years of experience. Cristian served as Senior Executive at A.J. Broom y CIA., Compañia Sudamericana de Vapores and Lauritzen Reefers. Today he is partnered with Andres Vargas J., whom also has extensive experience in the shipping industry, as well as port and trucking backgrounds. Andres was also a senior Executive at A.J. Broom and CIA., through 1999, at which time he started his own logistics firm

In the beginning, Pacific Chile started with just a hand-full of clients. Today, we successfully complete just over 4,000 shipments to and from all major global ports. We are a fully independent logistics firm comprised ofper year from and to the major ports of Europe, USA and Middle East. Without exporter’s partners on the property, it is a fully independent company in its management and interested in delivering the best conditions and guarantees to each of our clients.